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‘Interplanetary’ Alpha (Early Access): Time to Wage War On a Galactic Scale


If history has taught us anything, it’s that war never changes. Generally speaking, anway, as both the battlefield and participants tend to vary from conflict to conflict. In the case of Interplanetary, mankind has somehow managed to reach the point where we’re capable of waging war on a massive scale. Nation against nation? So last century. Planet vs planet is all the rage now, and you… get to play the part of armchair general.

Last time I wrote about Interplanetary, it was still trying to get through Greenlight, on top of being in a rather limited state, feature-wise. But that was more than four months ago and it’s come a long way since, with online multiplayer arguably being the most important addition. I mean, we are after all talking about a turn-based artillery title here, so that’s a pretty vital component. That said, there are still some kinks to work out in that area, as hosting on Windows 8 seems to be a bit wonky.

I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon though, at which point everyone will be able to fling missiles at each other, causing entire civilizations to crumble by way of powerful lasers and other WMD. If you’ve ever wanted to play Scorched Earth on a larger scale (like, ‘interplanetary’ larger), and with more to it than simple fire-and-forget mechanic gameplay, then this one’s liekly right up your alley. Doubt you’ll find any tanks in Interplanetary though, but aside from that… KABOOM!

Mind your surroundings, use them to your advantage and blast your enemies back to the stone age!

Now, Early Access being Early Access, certain features are obviously still on the “to be added later” list, and unfortunately, the ‘AI skirmish’ mode is part of that… along with building upgrades, for that extra strategical touch. There’s still plenty to do though, as players will have their hands full spying on the enemy in search of weak spots, while keeping a watchful eye on their own planet at the same time. Oh and if you don’t feel like taking the game online, there’s always the hotseat and/or LAN mode.

Interplanetary is available on Steam [Early Access] for Windows, Mac and Linux, priced at $10 ($5 until April 25).

Interplanetary Early Access Trailer [Turn-Based Strategy Artillery Game for PC, Mac and Linux]