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‘Intergalactic Bubbles’ Leaves Beta With Subtle Yet Important Tweaks and Additions

Intergalactic Bubbles

A few months back, I shared my thoughts on the Intergalactic Bubbles beta. That was then, this is now, and the game is finally out of beta! While the differences aren’t immediately noticeable, they are still noteworthy. Things like balance adjustments and power tweaks do after all change how the game plays, ya know?

That’s not to say everything new is ‘under the hood’, as I immediately spotted noticeably faster animations when bubbles pop, compared to the beta. Considering you’ll be a popping a lot of those darn things even early on, that’s a pretty big deal, as it makes for an overall faster and more fluid experience. No one has time to sit around, waiting for colored bubbles to pop, after all. Pop! POP!

Interface also got a bit of an overhaul, with power descriptions now being more specific: “Reduces the cost of combining powers by 50, per rank, and per power.” instead of “Reduce the cost of combining powers.”, for example. There’s also a note about “more energy” and “balanced upgrades”, but I couldn’t quite figure out how large or small an impact those changes had. So I’m just gonna go with “more is good, balancing is also good”.

Intergalactic Bubbles localized

Last but not least, Intergalactic Bubbles has also been localized, now spanning a total of ten different languages! After some time on Google, I solve the puzzle of their identity, as the dev neglected to mention that in-game (hint hint). From left to right: English (US), Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic (Arab League), French, Russian, Korean (South). Don’t speak most of those, but hey, localization is always good. Although… hey, where’s Danish? Where, I ask, where?

Intergalactic Bubbles is available for Windows, Mac, Linux from its Itch.io page and Desura, priced at $6 and without any DRM. A demo – browser and downloadable – consisting of 35 10 levels can be found on the same URL. What say we get it through Greenlight, eh?

Intergalactic Bubbles Beta Game Trailer