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Hit the Voting Booth With a Discount: X Greenlight Titles For a Buck

IndieGala Greenlight Bundle 3

Another batch of cheap indie games, almost all of which are looking for votes on Greenlight? Could it be? Is it? You bet ya: IndieGala’s at it again, and this time… with a bundle consisting of TEN titles! Them bundlers be trippin’ man.

Hard to believe, but I wasn’t kidding in the title: this lot can actually be yours for just one dollar, and they all come with Desura keys. If you want them on Steam instead, well, you know what to do (hint: vote, and tell your friends to do the same). Simple as that.

Astro Emporia

Astro Emporia (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
Astro Emporia is a simple turn based strategy where your objective is to make as much money in a limited amount of turns. The game is designed to play a game in a few minutes which at the end you will get a high score. While the amount you buy and sell for and the resource availability is randomised each time you visit a planet, there are tactics that enable you to increase your chances at getting a profit.

Soul Gambler

SOUL GAMBLER (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
SOUL GAMBLER is an interactive graphic novel inspired by Goethe’s Faust, a tragic play written in the 19th century. This is a contemporary and engaging adaptation of the masterpiece. Soul Gambler puts YOU in the role of Faust, an ordinary young man living in the present day whose DESTINY is about to be change forever.

International Snooker

International Snooker (Windows, Mac – Desura, Steam) [already greenlit]
Quite possibly the most realistic Snooker game to come to any gaming platform, working closely with Michaela Tabb the world’s most famous Snooker and Pool referee Big Head Games have the ultimate cue sports simulation, with easy to pickup and play controls and months of gameplay as you fight through a pro player’s career.

Luna's Wandering Stars

Luna’s Wandering Stars (Windows, Mac – Desura) Greenlight – coverage
Luna’s Wandering Stars is our love-letter to space; for the existential wonder it creates and the assertion that physics is beautiful. It’s an action-puzzle game that centers around real Newtonian physics and various ways to control celestial bodies. Change the strength of gravity; use rockets to thread your way through asteroid belts; or even bend the fabric of space with wormholes and black holes!

Magic Meisters

Magic Meisters – Alpha (Windows, Mac – Desura) Greenlight
Magic Meisters is a Single Player / Co-oP adventure RPG experience where players can customize their own unique Mage, learn new spells, take quests, craft and do whatever they would like through a massive free-roaming RPG experience ! Please note that we will be releasing the game in segments, Pre-Ordering will allow you to test and give your opinions about every step of the game process!

Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath

Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
What Lies Beneath is a short action-RPG in which you’ll explore a dungeon full of traps and monsters (and some silly other things too) in seek of revenge and to fight an evil creature… that kind of stuff… Grab some nice loots and customize your character abilities as you want.

ONE DAY for Ched

ONE DAY for Ched (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
ONE DAY for Ched is a hardcore corridor shooter from indie developers BSL Team. The game has nice graphics, interesting story, quest elements and very hardcore gameplay.

Data Hacker - Initiation

Data Hacker – Initiation (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
Set some years in the future, following a global economic and social crash, Data Hacker Initiation follows Jay; a retired hacker in search of vengeance. Jay is a prolific player of Online World: the escapist’s dream game in a backwards-future, until an ironic case of mistaken identity, whereupon he is banished from the refuge that he so loved.


Stingray (Windows – Desura) Greenlight [concept]
An idle game based on games like candybox and cookie clicker, but more serious.


Yrminsul (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
The only thing better than being famous is being infamous. In Yrminsul, the path to infamy is clear: annihilate the pathetic (and unfashionable) forces of good as they attempt to breach your formidable defenses. Yrminsul is the mutant evolution of tower defense games, offering a rich strategy experience and a wonderfully black sense of humor in a persistent universe.

You’ve got 14 days and 7 hours to pick up IndieGala’s Greenlight Bundle, before it’s gone… forever!