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Indie Showcase 2015 Accepting Submisions; Deadline Is May 11th

Develop: Brighton

With the potential for reaching an audience of up to 1,800 developers (and… well, publishers), plenty studios are bound to be competing for the ten finalist slots at this year’s Indie Showcase. But it’d be silly to let that stop ya. Submitting is free after all, and who knows – maybe your studio will end up among the ten? Won’t know unless ya try.

Now, while I did say ‘studio’, some restrictions do apply. Studio must consist 15 people or less, have no publisher funding, and projects should have a budget of less than £1,000,000. Oh and while the event is free-to-enter as it were, you’ll still need passes to Develop: Brighton, as Indie Showcase is very much part of that expo.

Unless your studio ends up a finalist that is, because each of those are treated to two free Indie Dev Day passes and five expo passes, on top of some pre-event publicity along with a profile on Develop: Brighton’s website. Prestigious stuff for sure.

As for the show-and-tell stuff… needless to say, that’ll all happen on the aforementioned Indie Dev Day (July 16th). During this, each studio will be able to show their games in a dedicated area within the expo, do meets-and-greets with fans, other developers, publishers, and whatnot. Good stuff.

Be sure to read the full submission guidelines and the what’s what, before filling out the form to enter your game(s). Best of luck to eager participants!

(Source: Develop: Brighton)

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