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The Mixer Bundle 2 Now Mixing Cheap Mixed Games Mix

Indie Royale The Mixer 2 Bundle

Another mixer from one of the longest running bundle hosts (second only to Humble, I believe), packing quite the mix. From point ‘n’ click to horror and… something for Qix fans. Well, the two who still remember that game anyway. But hey, at least there’s no Duke Nukem in this mix! Eh? Eh? Darn, tough crowd.

Eight indie games, all for one ridiculously low price. Oh and guess what? it’s locked at $2.50 for the first 24 hours. Neat trick. As is the norm for Indie Royale, they’ve also included a mystery title and the price drops when someone pays more than the average. The musical contribution for this mixing mix mixer mix-mash is The Cherry Men’s Ko-Tiki album, which will be added if you fork over at least $7 at the checkout counter. Ready for the mixer of a mixed lineup? Really hope so, because… something something mix mix!

Face Noir

Face Noir (Windows – Steam, Desura, DRM-free)
Face Noir is a point-and-click adventure set in New York City, 1934. A disillusioned private detective named Jack del Nero is charged with the murder of a man who, just before his death, left a little girl in Jack’s protection. As Jack tries to find out who the child is, he learns more about the extremes to which human nature can go than he ever wanted to.

The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam, Desura, DRM-free)
Prepare to experience the original man-on-the-run thriller in a completely new way. In this digital adaptation by The Story Mechanics, be transported back to 1914 London, where Richard Hannay finds himself framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Now he must escape the Capital and stay alive long enough to solve the riddle of The 39 Steps. There are secrets to be discovered, locations to be explored and – above all – an incredible tale to be told in this ground-breaking interactive novel.

Data Jammers: FastForward

Data Jammers: FastForward (Windows – Steam, Desura, DRM-free)
Data Jammers: FastForward is a continuously moving three dimensional driving and destruction game set within a retro wireframe world of impossible race tracks. Prowl twisting bitstreams amidst bizarre geometrical environments enhanced by otherworldly soundscapes as your nimble avatar encounters more dangerous denizens, hazards and boss guardians along the way!

Fairy Bloom Freesia

Fairy Bloom Freesia (Windows – Steam, Desura, DRM-free)
Once upon a time, in a forest called Lita, there lived a fairy who took it upon herself to protect the trees of the forest from the monsters and humans who would try to steal the spirit stones that provide the forest’s life energy. Her name was Freesia and her kung fu was very, very strong… Take control of Freesia as she protects Lita Forest by beating the living daylights out of waves of bad guys!


LightFish (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam, Desura)
LightFish is a classic concept evolved into something new and exciting, with unique features and an original soundtrack. Immerse yourself in a colourful world full of beautiful yet deadly sea creatures and progress through the numberous levels the game offers!

Fish vs. Crabs

Fish vs. Crabs (Windows, Mac – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight
Fish vs. Crabs is an immersive 3D underwater Tower Defense Game. You play the role of the fish defending your eggs from invading crabs, shrimp and lobster. The invaders advance along the sandy ocean bottom toward their goal. You must strategically place your towers in an effort to prevent the invaders from reaching your eggs and escaping with them.

Primal Fears

Primal Fears (Windows – Steam)
Due to a chemical known as pharGONe, the world has been turned upside down. Battle your way through multiple levels, earning upgrades, competing against your friends and more, and find the truth about what has happened to the world.

Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars

Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars (Windows – Steam, Desura, DRM-key)
Dawn of Fantasy is one of the first full 3D MMORTS title with real-time siege combat. Offering an evolving online environment, in which you will be gathering resources, constructing buildings and walls, directing your citizens, completing quests in the service of mighty nobles and fiendish rogues, and managing your economy – all within an online realm that grows, works, lives, and breathes even when you log off.

Don’t forget that Indie Royale’s The Mixer 2 Bundle will only be available for little less than seven days, so don’t wait too long; unless you enjoy paying full price for indie games, that is. Nothing wrong with that, but since a bundle has been made available and all – might as well, right?