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Indie Quilt: Micro-Game Jam For Charity and the Love of WarioWare

Indie Quilt

While game jams often like to mix things up, be it in the theme, tool allowed, or other craziness, most do work under at least one constant: each participant – whether it be a team or just one person – get to submit one game, which is then treated as an individual entity. Not so with Indie Quilt. Here, each submission (optionally) becomes part of… wait for it… one big micro-game collection!

Crazy, I know, but such an awesome idea at the same time. I’m sure some of you have played a WarioWare game at one point or another, and wanted… well, more. Based on the second paragraph of this page, that seems to be exactly what Eric Hornby was thinking, when the idea for this jam/collaboration came to mind.

So, details. Well, for starters, you have until August 17 to create and send in your creation, which is certainly a good long while. I mean, we’re talking about games that – literally – have to end in less than 30 seconds, either with a win or a loss, feature multiple difficulty levels and a bunch of other stuff. Oh and if you want it to be part of the ‘collection’, you have to use Unity. No way around that. If not, anything goes, so long as it follows the rules.

Given its focus on collaborative efforts, it probably goes without saying that there are also ways for non-developers to contribute, as any and all donations in the form of resources are always welcome. Maybe your talents lie within the realm of music or graphics, and not coding? Games do require more than fancy code snippets, after all.

I’d also like to mention that if you already have an existing game out and would prefer to basically pull a 30-second slice of that to use instead that is also fine. If Indie Quilt helps your visibility at all, I consider that a plus!

Oh and while the finished project will in fact carry a price tag, neither participant nor organizer will see a cent of it, as all proceedings will be donated to the Child’s Play charity. Awesome. Now we just have to wait and see how few/many micro-games will make up the Indie Quilt, come August 17 30. Tell me, will YOU be participating?