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Indie Piñata Smashes Week-Long DRM-Free Discounts With a Twist

GOG.com Indie Piñata

Everyone loves a good sale. Everyone. Don’t bother trying to deny it. The more we can get for our hard-earned money, the better! But… say we didn’t know exactly what we were buying, aside from the game in question being available from GOG.com, DRM-free (obviously), and costing $3. Crazy? Perhaps, and yet, Crunching Koalas is smashing prices in that very manner right now,  with Indie Piñata. Groovy.

While perhaps a tad too random for some, at least the idea is easy enough to understand: $3 spent on an Indie Piñata over at GOG.com lets you smash the darn thing, revealing a random indie game from their ever-growing library. There have been reports of users getting titles already owned, although after picking up a few myself, I encountered no such issue. A glitch or someone trolling? Hard to say, but chances are it’s easily remedied, courtesy of their Worldwide Money Back Guarantee, so there’s that.

The Promo and Piñata include a completely separate batch of games, so there’s plenty of variety and surprises – we’ll also rotate the Promo and Piñata lineup after three days, just so that things don’t get too stale.

Promo? Oh right, the sale isn’t just about smashing a colorful creation to get a cheap game. There’s also lots of non-random discounts available, including – at the time of writing – the heavily tactical Door Kickers, and a deep, emotional tale, titled To The Moon. Just remember that every 72 hours, both known and unknown (ie. the Indie Piñata) deals are rotated. So best not hesitate if a title you desire hits that sweet price point.

The Indie Piñata ends on 18th August 2015, at 9:59am GMT.

(Source: Indie Piñata comes to GOG.com)

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