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At a Glance: Indie MEGABOOTH GDC 2019 Lineup

Well, that’s it. Time’s up. Told ya back in October to get those submissions in for Indie MEGABOOTH, and not just for GDC 2019 either, but also for PAX East, both of which are now less than a month away! As such… what say we take a look at GDC 2019’s lineup?

As has been the case for past outings, available games will change come Wednesday, ensuring as many as possible get a chance to strut their stuff in San Francisco next month. Lots of lovely stuff too, including a personal upcoming favorite of mine, Heaven’s Vault, as well as the rather zany She Dreams Elsewhere. Very groovy.

(Source: Indie MEGABOOTH 6th annual GDC lineup announced)

Monday & Tuesday (listed alphabetically)

  1. Airborne Kingdom * (The Wandering Band)
  2. Anew: The Distant Light (Resonator)
  3. DiceTrek * (DFitz Games)
  4. Disco Elysium ** (ZA/UM Studio)
  5. Looking For Heals * (Blue Bomber Games)
  6. She Dreams Elsewhere ** (Studio Zevere)
  7. Those Who Remain * (Camel 101)
  8. Tick Tock: A Tale for Two (Other Tales Interactive)
  9. TwinCop ** (Finite Reflection Studios)
  10. Where the Bees Make Honey ** (Wakefield Interactive)
  11. while True: learn() * (Luden.io)
  12. Wintermoor Tactics Club ** (EVC)

Wednesday-Friday (listed alphabetically)

  1. Black Future ’88 ** (SUPERSCARYSNAKES)
  2. Heaven’s Vault ** (inkle)
  3. Hell is Other Demons * (Cuddle Monster)
  4. Kaisuo (Team Lantern)
  5. Losswords ** (Local No. 12)
  6. One Step From Eden ** (Thomas Moon Kang)
  7. Shadow Brawlers ** (Team Guazu)
  8. Sloppy Forgeries ** (Jonah Warren)
  9. The Wild at Heart ** (Moonlight Kids)
  10. Unannounced Title * (Flight School Studio)
  11. ValeGuard ** (Lost Tower Games)
  12. Wave Break ** (Funktronic Labs)

* Denotes titles that have been recently revealed and/or are publicly playable for the first time either globally or in North America
** Titles that will showcase a new demo/content/level/features/environment/etc.

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