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Indie Dev Supershow Goes 4th This Friday: 72-Hour Stream, 40+ Games and Fun Times!


Three days, one stream, lots of streamers and even more games – the Indie Dev Supershow is set to return a fourth time tomorrow, Friday the 26th, with a 72-hour show full of good stuff. More than forty games will be showcased during the event, hosted by Robot Loves Kitty (of Legend of Dungeon fame). Groovy? You bet ya!

Kicking off on at 11am (eastern) on February 26th, 27th and 28th, the Indie Dev Supershow features a mix of both popular and lesser-known indie titles, with quite the variety on display. Recently released Starward Rogue and Move or Die are both part of the lineup, alongside Catacomb Kids from early 2015, and yet-to-be-finished Super Cane Magic ZERO. Like I said – variety.

Come joins us and discover indie games and meet the devs. It’s a bit like a game convention you don’t have to leave home for!

Now, as far as exactly what to expect and when goes, that’s much too long a list for me to include here (and I’m sure you’ll be checking out the announcement post anyway). I will say this though: on the 26th, and the two following days, you’ll want to stop by http://www.twitch.tv/robotloveskitty. Trust me.