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Seven Years of Metroidvania Development Come to Fruition in the Form of ‘Iconoclasts’

There’s trouble brewing in Iconoclasts, and Robin – a girl with the dream of becoming a mechanic – is right smack in the middle of it all! Not good, although fortunately, she’s armed to the teeth, to say the least, multi-purpose wrench (and sidearm) firmly gripped, ready for adventure. One she will not soon forget, I’d wager; and not just because of how incredible the game looks.

It really does, though. Look at the trailer below, and tell me that’s not stylish enough to sway even the most dedicated pixel-hater? But a great art style will not carry a game like this for most, so… how about more than twenty ‘screen-filling boss battles’, or even… puzzles! Oh, and did I mention how Iconoclasts is a 2D metroidvania, created by one man, one Joakim Sandberg, over the course of seven long years? Yup. Some of you might even remember its appearance in The Greenlight Groove, back in 2015. Time sure flies.

That said, based on the trailer below, I’d say we’re in for an absolute treat here, and that the many years of hard work have paid off: a ton of fast-paced action, groovy music, lovely visuals, and an emotional story wrapped around it all. Also, exploration. So much exploration. Or did you miss that bit? Maybe you should watch it again. Just saying. Go on.

Iconoclasts is available on Steam, GOG.com, PlayStation 4 and Vita, carrying a $19.99 price tag.

Iconoclasts Gameplay Trailer – Coming to PC, PS4 & PS Vita January 23