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Help North Prove He Truly Is Man’s Best Friend as Ian’s Eyes In This Classroom Thriller

Ian's Eyes

Dogs are often said to be man’s best friend. Ain’t always true though, as they can be rather mischievous… among other less-than-fun things. But in Ian’s Eyes, North is determined to prove his worth by helping Ian survive his first day at Blue Norholm Centenary School. Why ‘survive’? Oh, did I forget to mention how Ian is blind, and that undead are roaming the halls?

“So what…”, right? The dead roam the land – and schools – all the time in video games. Not a problem. Except in this one, you don’t get to kick ass and take names. I mean, what’d you expect? You’re Ian, not Matthew Murdock, after all. Instead, you have to rely on North, your canine companion, to get through this mess in one piece. Stealth, misdirection, and other skills no elementary student should ever be required to hone are on today’s menu.

Chances are the trailer below will have you wishing for a dog like North by your side, should the dead ever rise in the real world. Which is never gonna happen. The dead rising that is. Also, probably won’t be as entertaining as depicted in video games, like, say… Ian’s Eyes. Bark bark!

Ian’s Eyes is available from Steam, at $9.99.

Ians Eyes – Release Trailer

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