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I, Hope Developer Will be Rerouting Every Last Cent of the Profits to Cancer Charities

I, Hope

It may sound like a crazy too-good-to-be-true publicity stunt, but I, Hope‘s charitable efforts are the real deal. Efforts which will benefit both children with life threatening illnesses and their families, donating every last cent of profit to various cancer charities. That’s right, every last cent. Not just some super high percentage, like most would. Nope. Everything. Very generous and very groovy.

Fun doesn’t end there either, as this upcoming 3D adventure, which is scheduled for release on Xbox One launch next year, will be “aiming at helping young patients take their mind off long hospital stays and difficult treatments – all while having a blast”. Man, if only more games were made with such in mind, rather than, well, mainstream entertainment (in some form or other), ya know? If only.

More details on this can be found here, while the creator’s website is over here. Fingers crossed that more will follow with a similar initiative at some point, although one must remember that the makers of video games gotta eat too. I, Hope. Food, then charity, in that order.

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