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Tactical Fantasy RPG ‘Heroes of Steel’ Travels to the City of the Dead In Episode 3

Heroes of Steel

You’d think after overcoming the trials and tribulations of the first two episodes, our heroes would finally be able to get some rest. Alas, that is not the case. Their journey is far from over after all, and R&R is a luxury they simply can’t afford, as this third episode takes them to (and possibly through)… the City of the Dead! Cue dramatic music.

It’s been almost a full year since I published my impressions on Heroes of Steel, and the game has changed a LOT since then, courtesy of frequent updates. The core gameplay remains largely the same however. Our tale begins with a dangerous and mysterious jailbreak for this ragtag party of four, complete with a classic “can they really work together?” twist. Plenty of tactical combat awaits, in what is but the beginning of an intriguing story – one full of suspense and mystery. Oh, did I mention the City of the Dead? Right, I did. Okay then.

You’ll need everything you can muster, because the challenges ahead of your heroes are daunting, the way is dangerous, and the risks are high.

Now, the release of Episode 3: Whispers over Steel, which is available for free with the 3.1.1 update in the desktop version and a $0.99 IAP on mobile, brings quite a lot of new content: twenty brand new dungeons full of monsters, traps and other nasties, with twenty additional foes to fight as well, and a whoopin’ 200+ new items. Might be time to regear and rethink those tried-and-true tactics, ya know?

Heroes of Steel is available from Steam (Windows, Mac; $12, full), Desura (Windows; $12, full), iOS (free+IAP, full for $4) and Android (Google Play (free+IAP, full for $4), Amazon (free+IAPfull for $4).


Heroes of Steel – Epic Fantasy RPG