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‘Gyrodisc Super League’ Blends Air Hockey, Tennis and Volleyball For Fun Times

Gyrodisc Super League

Discs will fly at crazy speeds in Gyrodisc Super League, as eager atheltics partake in tomorrow’s sport, today. Or tomorrow. Ain’t coming to an end today after all. Right. Anyway, with each arena featuring a distinct mix of obstacles and goal placements, victory will be about more than quick reflexes and positioning, as you’ll have to keep the lay of the land in mind too. Very groovy.

On top of that, with a unique blend of air hockey, tennis, volleyball, and probably another sport or two, suffice to say, the move set is also rather… colorful. Players will be dashing across the field, diving and jumping to catch the disc, sending it soaring towards – or even into – the opposing team’s goal. At which point I fully expect the crowd to go wild, because sports, ya know?

Sounds like crazy, fast and furious fun to me, albeit unfortunately, at the time of writing, Gyrodisc Super League is still a work in progress, having only just launched on Steam’s Early Access platform. If all goes according to plan however, the full version should be available within a meager six months. Not too shabby, considering the promise of an “arcade style story mode” being added during this, along with mini games and other fun things. New arenas are also on the to-do list alongside more characters to choose from, each with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Players compete in a lightning-fast futuristic sport that’s a blend of air hockey, tennis and volleyball. The rules may be simple, but victory is seized through quick reactions and devious mind games!

What is however not on the menu, is online multiplayer. A shame, but maybe that’ll change post-launch? Maybe. Also, whenever your friends are too busy to partake in the carnage, AI opponents will gladly take their place for a chance to fight in colorful 1v1 or 2v2 bouts. So… batter up!

Gyrodisc Super League (Early Access) is available from Steam, carrying a $12.99 price tag.

Gyrodisc Super League Trailer 01 March