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‘Gunman Clive’ Goes 8-Bit In Official Game Boy Port – Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

gunman clive game boy port

While outdated and not really the talk of the town in 2015, some do still fire up their Game Boy to play the classics (of which there are many, I might add). I doubt anyone ever expected to see indie hit Gunman Clive on that particular system though. Yet here we are, and however odd it may seem, the port is not only playable, but also quite true to the source material. Some impressive programming for sure.

That said, before you get all excited at the thought of playing Gunman Clive on ancient hardware (or an emulator), one thing has to be said: this is more of a demo, in that while the content is feature complete, said ‘content’ only amounts to the first level of the game. Still better than nothing, and while Bertil Hörberg emphasizes that it is “the first and probably final version”, who knows – maybe someday?

I emersed myself completely in the world of 8-bit assembler code, 4 color tiles and monochromatic screens, and I enjoyed myself tremendously. But it ended up taking a lot more time and going a lot slower and than I anticipated.

The Gunman Clive Game Boy demo can be downloaded here, and those with a flash cartridge will even be able to experience it on the original system! Once you’re done with that, and hungry for more gunslinging action, store links for the Windows, Wii U, 3DS, iOS and Android versions of the full game can be found on that same page. I mean, surely you can’t resist the urge to risk life and limb to save a damsel in distress (the mayor’s daughter, in this case)?

(Source: thanks to RetroCollect for the heads up)

GB Gunman Clive

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