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Groupees Bundles Scandinavia With Indie Games, Music, Mystery

Groupees Scandinavia

Okay so the full name is much longer, but you know, article title length and all that. Oh and yay, Scandinavia – my little corner of the world! Anyway, back on topic: just like their Steampunk 2 bundle, this one mixes games with other fun stuff. To see exactly what, well… scroll down a bit!

But wait – first, the ‘rules’: you can grab the lot for $1, although keep in mind that paying more is totally an option (hint hint). This particular lineup does after all consist of both games and various musical contributions, so let’s not be cheap, eh? No matter how much (or little) you pay, all three extras – once unlocked – will all be added to your profile. Oh and there’s a mystery title, because, why not? Alright, enough of that – onto the good stuff!

Beastmilk – Climax (MP3, FLAC)
Apocalyptic visions and a wicked sense of humor populate audio nightmares as Beastmilk create visceral, unsettling death rock for the elite”, wrote Pitchfork of the band whose highly anticipated debut album poignantly combines haunting clean vocals, darkly shimmering melodies, and a throbbing rhythmic pulse to create an atmospheric yet energetic journey into post-punk’s past, present, and definitely its future.

Solar Fields – [ Until We Meet The Sky ] (MP3, FLAC)
[ Until we meet the sky ] has a an intensely cinematic sound; from introspective, wispy and intimate ambient electronica it slowly builds up to a shoegazing spirit engulfing the listener in an ethereal dreamworld.An album of dizzying beauty composed by Solar Fields as a one track story in twelve phases from nightscapes to the sky. Deep and addictive.

Standing Ovation – The Antikythera Mechanism (MP3, FLAC)
Standing Ovation’s anticipated debut full-length, which goes by the name “The Antikythera Mechanism”, has now seen the daylight. The album partly deals with the ancient, highly sophisticated machine and the story is spiced with historical and science fiction elements. The album also has a wide range of surely surprising songs and themes.

Amethystium – Aurorae EP (MP3, FLAC)
Composed, produced and performed by Øystein Ramfjord. Additional musicians: Martine Kraft: Hardingfiddle on track 1 and 2. Erlend Kvam: Cello on track 1 and 3. Additional fiddle arrangements on track 1 and 2 by Martine Kraft. Hardingfiddle recorded at Enger Studio, Gjøvik, Norway. Engineered by Stig Enger. Cello recorded at Autumnsongs Recording Studio, Trondheim, Norway. Engineered by Rhys Marsh. Cover design by Aimee Stewart. Mastered by Don C. Tyler.

The Journey Down: Chapter One

The Journey Down: Chapter One (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam)
In a shady corner of Kingsport Bay, at the outskirts of St Armando, Bwana and his trusted sidekick Kito struggle to make ends meet at their run-down gas station. Little do they know that they are about to be thrown into a spine-tingling adventure that will take them far from home and right into a twisting plot of corruption and danger.

Unmechanical release

Unmechanical (Windows – Steam, Desura)
Unmechanical is a puzzle adventure that combines tricky puzzle solving, alluring exploration, and an engrossing atmosphere. Set in a fantastic world of flesh, rock and steel, your journey to freedom requires you to solve a great variety of puzzling challenges, and while it’s easy to pick up and play, later challenges may prove very difficult indeed.


Slip (Windows – DRM-free) Greenlight
Slip is a fast paced side scrolling platformer that utilizes a two color swap mechanic to allow the player to evade danger. It has an immense focus on timing and features devilishly tricky level design. Utilizing your two colors, absorb damage from incoming projectiles of the same color or be destroyed immediately by the opposite color. Additionally, Slip features colored Geometry that you only interact with when you share its color. This is perfect when you need a place to stand, but can result in instant death if you land on a set of spikes sharing your color.

Don’t forget that Groupees’ Clash of the World Bundles: Scandinavia will only be available for little less than ten days, so don’t wait too long; unless you enjoy paying full price for indie games, and don’t care about expanding your music library, of course. Nothing wrong with that, but since a bundle has been made available and all – might as well, right?

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