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Groupees' Groovy Gaming Goodness: Build a Greenlight (Bundle) 12

groupees bagb12

Hey look, another mix-and-match Greenlight-centric bundle from Groupees! Like its precursor, this one brings old and new submissions; quite the varied lot too, which makes for an interesting (and cheap) lineup. Groovy.

Alright, $1 for two games, price goes up with each additional title added, and all eight will set ya back  a grand total of $3.32 (or more, if you’re feeling generous). Once unlocked, the lone extra – Fake Colourse (Greenlight), a colorful cube-y puzzler – will be included. Oh and be sure to vote, or else… OR ELSE!

Dungeon of Gain

Dungeon of Gain (Windows – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
The protagonist goes on an adventure in the hope to unravel the central mystery – what happened to the city in the past. The player starts the game with one of the three heroes. Going through dungeons, the player kills monsters , exploring dungeons and lights a torch that would light them. There he finds chests with weapons, armor and potions. Finds traps , riddles and quests. Do not repeated the endless dungeon. A different style of play for each of the characters. Generated quests. Rare and enchanted weapon and armor. Variety and unique of enemies. Create own dungeons and call for help your friends!

Super Cyborg

Super Cyborg (Windows – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
Super Cyborg is an oldschool nonstop hardcore run’n’gun action! You play as battle cyborg who was sent to investigate a mysterious island. A very powerful alien known as ‘Xirxul life form’ has been awakened by the scientists and now all humanity is in danger! Rush through 7 levels filled with countless monsters and creatures. Destroy everything that moves! 8-bit stylized pixelart graphics combined with awesome chiptune soundtrack creates a perfect atmosphere for the bio-sci-fi setting. Gameplay was inspired by many oldschool titles such as Contra series, Metroid series, Gunstar heroes, Alien soldier and many others.

Cold Contract (beta)

Cold Contract (Beta) (Windows – DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
Developed by a team of two, Cold Contract is a turn-based tactic game with real-time strategy elements. You play a team leader, which has been left for dead by an unknown man in a previous operation. Alive and blinded by his revenge, he decides to hire a team of mercenaries to counter an operation of the bad guy in a hostile region.


Station (Alpha) (Windows – DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
An incident during a routine expedition transforms the underwater mining facility into a deathtrap. You find yourself surrounded by fire, water, bare wires, and crewmembers, off their heads and ready to take a chunk out of you. Will you be able to escape the Station?


Downpour (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
Downpour is a game meant to invoke a feeling of importance even in the smallest decisions. From opening a door to providing electricity to run various machinery that aid you. Even being able to save is a valuable resource. Survivors will die forever if you don’t protect them. Every bullet requires matter (harvested from enermies) to create, giving the player a sense of full responsibility for how well they do in the world.


Synonymy (Windows, Mac – DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
Synonymy is a game of finding the paths between random words through their network of synonyms. By taking the synonym of a word, and then a synonym of that synonym, and so on, you can ultimately arrive at any other word in the English language.

Abomination Tower

Abomination Tower (Windows, Mac – DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
You play as Headless, the rejected creation of a mad scientist. Headless is trapped in the tower with other dangerous abominations. You must journey up the tower to escape! Along the way you unlock heads that can be equipped, each with its own unique ability to aid in your escape

Final Dusk

Final Dusk (Windows – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
Final Dusk is a unique combination of puzzle and action game. Each level consists of two distinct phases. First you need to manipulate the environment using multiple powers to create a safe path for Vampire Princess Mina. In the second phase you need to actively protect Mina on her way to her goal. As you advance you’ll discover new locations and learn new powers which you must combine to be able to complete each level and learn the story of the princess and her beloved kingdom.

You’ve got 8 days and 23 hours to pick up Groupees’ Build A Greenlight 12, before it’s gone… forever!

Build a Greenlight Bundle 12