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Crank It Up to XI For a Buck With the Latest Be Mine Bundle

Groupees Be Mine 11

Well, I do believe this is the longest running bundle series yet. I mean, eleven! That’s a lot of Be Mine’s, though I’m still not sure why they went with that name in the first place. Oh and they’ve ditched the price tier stuff, meaning you can grab the lot for $1 – how awesome is that?!

Alright, seven games, one incredible price; do keep in mind that you can go higher however, should you so desire. Considering Redshirt, a $20 indie game released less than three months ago, is part of the lineup, surely you can afford go a bit higher than $1, eh? Even if you don’t, the six yet-to-be-revealed additions will be automatically added to your profile. First up is The Body Changer, and time will tell what the remaining five are. Go go Groupees bundle!


Grimm (Windows – Steam)
Once upon a time, fairy tales were valuable cautionary yarns filled with dire warnings and sage advice. However, over time, the stories have become so watered down with cute woodland creatures and happy endings that they have lost their true meaning and purpose. No more! This is American McGee’s Grimm, and Happily Ever After ends now!

Infected: The Twin Vaccine

Infected: The Twin Vaccine (Windows – Steam, DRM-free)
A new breed of virus has spread throughout the City of Oxford forcing the area to be quarantined. The first reported case of the virus was found in 6 year old twin sisters Tiffany & Theresa Morrisey. Tiffany never survived the infection but Theresa made a full recovery and is now believed to be the key to finding a cure. In the chaos of a city-wide evacuation, Theresa has gone missing. You must travel back to the abandoned city of Oxford to find her before the virus spreads globally. Though be weary…you’re not the only one back in town.

ÆRENA Clash of Champions

ÆRENA – Clash of Champions (Windows, Mac – Steam Early Access)
ÆRENA is a tactical, hero-centric combat game with a unique Ætherpunk setting. Command formidable Champions, employ powerful Æther Shells and challenge your brain – not your fingers – in strategic, turn-based yet fast paced combat. It’s like speed chess meets LoL in an Ætherpunk world.

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam, Desura, DRM-free)
After “accidentally” jumping your spaceship through a wormhole, you’ve crash landed onto this forsaken desert planet a billion kilometers from home. The only thing between you and the horizon is the seemingly endless dunes of sand, save for one strange, huge building. Inside, it appears to be an interstellar Casino where everyone plays air hockey for a living.


Redshirt (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam)
Redshirt is the comedy sci-fi sim about social networking aboard a space station, starring the station’s most ambitious low-ranking peon: you! Navigate the professional and interpersonal politics of the ubiquitous “Spacebook” to curry favor among friends and colleagues. As intense intergalactic conflict rages around you, it’s up to you to accrue those all-important “likes” on your status updates!

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight
Galactic hero Serena S has been trolled on Spacebook. This is obviously a cause to embark on an epic quest to punish the troll in question, who just happens to be The Space Prince. Guide Serena through 7 stages of shmup action, jumping, shooting, and yet decidedly more jumping and shooting to her ultimate goal of total testicular annihilation of her foe. The game is a love letter to the home computer arcade games of the late 80s and early 90s such as Halloween Harry, Astra Marine Corps, Jill of the Jungle, and in particular Game Over II/Phantis.

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 (Windows – Steam)
Oleg Maddox’s world famous Il-2 Sturmovik™ series of flight simulators continues to expand. The latest offering, Il-2 1946, adds 36 new planes, four new gigantic maps, over a hundred new ground objects, and nearly 200 new campaign missions. This new opus also includes all of the previous IL-2 series content: IL-2 Sturmovik™: Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion Pack and Pacific Fighters™. What was years ago began as a one-aircraft study sim is now an astonishing anthology, with a whopping 229 flyable aircraft and over 300 aircraft total!

Don’t forget that Groupees’ Be Mine 11 will only be available for little less than two weeks, so don’t wait too long; unless you enjoy paying full price for indie games, that is. Nothing wrong with that, but since a bundle has been made available and all – might as well, right?

Groupees – Be Mine 11