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Lucky Number Seventeen For This Batch of Greenlight Escapees


Not gonna lie, I wasn’t planning on publishing another of these already. But when I glanced at my list the other day and saw no less than seventeen escapees, figured, why not? Even more so, since Valve stopped posting announcements themselves for some reason, leaving most users completely oblivious until a game pops up on the store. And even then, they don’t always say “made it through Greenlight, thanks guys!” for some reason. They really should, ya know? It’s kinda like a badge of honor. Kinda.


Ossuary (@playfutureproof)
Ossuary is a game where you talk to people in a dark and horrific place. It’s a funny satire about human nature and society. It’s a journey through a place of bones where virtues are sins and sins are inventory objects. It draws from the Discordian religious tradition and from the world’s collective mythology of death. There is something in the corner of your eye and you must escape this place. Solve dialogue-based puzzles but do not believe a word anyone says.


Crudelis (@whiskeyjackg)
In 60 minutes you can drive the distance of 80 miles, bake an apple pie, watch a Game of Thrones episode, take a long nap or listen to the Imperial March from the Star Wars 19 times in a row. You can go on a date and save a kitten, which cannot go down from a tree. The World is full of options.

M.O.R.E. - Military. Organization. Research. Economy.

M.O.R.E. – Military. Organization. Research. Economy. (@MORE_the_game) [Kickstarter]
Space strategy M.O.R.E. – Military, Organization, Research, Economy – is a worthy successor to classic turn-based 4X space strategy games. The ambition of the development team is to create a game that decidedly breaches the prevailing status quo, re-igniting the desire of thousands of players to explore and conquer the universe. Our aim is to recreate the syndrome “Just one more turn …”.

OASE - Other Age Second Encounter

OASE – Other Age Second Encounter (@zeivainc)
OASE – Other Age Second Encounter is a quirky, bizarre game that incorporates several different types of gameplay into one – puzzle, adventure, dating-sim, and visual novel. It’s primarily a parody game, with over-the-top comedy and homage to many different anime, manga and RPG games of the SNES and PS era. There are a total of 10 girls to summon, 200+ original illustrations, and 60 endings to unlock for 20+ hours worth of gameplay.

Pavel Quest

Pavel Quest (@PavelQuest)
A Puzzle Platformer, Pavel Quest is a game about learning. As you play through the game you must learn the physics system and how to overcome giant gaps, spikes, acid spouts, fireballs, and more. Pavel can never stop running, and he cannot turn around of his own will. Critical thinking and adaptation are skills that will help you lead Pavel to freedom in Pavel Quest.


Gameplay consists of short quick paced action rounds. Each one echos forward. Every missile summoned, bridge built, bomb laid, or sword slashed plays out again. Unless you stop it.

Cursed Sight

Cursed Sight (@InvertMouse) [Kickstarter]
Being able to control fate would be a blessing for many. To Miyon, it is her greatest curse. East and West Taria are in conflict, and Miyon’s power will be the most valuable weapon. Meanwhile, Gai has been sold by his family into Miyon’s temple. Will the two save or destroy one another?


Rememoried (@rememoried)
Rememoried is an independent video game, a virtual place where memories change to dreams and the only possible way is forgetting, which becomes a mechanism for proceeding to the next layer of dreams.

Escape Machines

Escape Machines (@alexGreentown)
Escape Machines is an addictive Science Fiction single/multi-player/co-op adventure shooter in the near future! Artificial intellect and robots fight against their creators. You must take control of the robots and save people.

Tuk - Ruk

Tuk – Ruk
Use the unique skills of the 4 playable characters as you explore the jungle, tracking down the absent-minded Zooks and guiding them to safety. The jungle contains a variety of plants with special abilities and the Guz Guz, who don’t like it when you invade their space. Get the Zooks out and finish the level before nightfall, when the Wumpire Bats come out to play (they just love juicy TukRuk).

Doom & Destiny Advanced

Doom & Destiny Advanced (@ilBenjaminFicus)
This time, the four nerdy friends face an evil business man with the power of travelling across dimensions. Unfortunately our heroes are still a bunch of low level characters and they end up losing their first fight. After reincarnating into the bodies of mystical heroes, with new amazing powers, they will travel across dimensions to hunt down the preposterous business man and take revenge!


Barrage (@BarrageGame)
Barrage is an unconventional hybrid of 3 genres. Think Starcraft meets Quake meets Worms. We call it an Artillery-RTS, with a bit of FPS thrown in. Gameplay involves raining destruction on your foes from afar, taking advantage of the gravity in outer space to hit your targets from every direction.

Demon Hearts

Demon Hearts (@JonHarwoodDev)
Demon Hearts is a 2D platformer game that will leave you feeling blood thirsty for victory every time you play! Take the winged and dangerously swift Vampiress Snow through many challenging silhouette environments while withstanding the many divergent demons, evil forces, and bosses you will stumble across. Be vigilant to your surroundings as you traverse through many puzzling levels and transform into invincible blood sucking bats to battle your way through each checkpoint!

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon
Pixel Dungeon is an exciting and extremely popular roguelike (more than 2 million mobile installs!). Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items and fight fierce monsters to find the Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) – the ultimate artefact of this game world!


Izle (@AreaEffect) [Kickstarter]
Izle is powered by a novel smooth-voxel engine, allowing us to generate complete environments, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit. On one hand this gives you the creative power of building a world with just a few clicks, while on the other it enables us to wage destruction at a precise level. This way the creation of the world is at the center of the gameplay experience; you can build your world and see it flourish, but if you fail in your quests, you will see it destroyed. You are responsible for everything that happens in Izle, from its trees and waterfalls, to its survival against the Shadows.


Kieru (@PineFireStudios)
Kieru’s world is monochrome, as are the two teams of stealthy Ninjas who occupy it. A black Ninja in shadow or a white Ninja in the light are completely invisible to their oblivious opponents. Stealth, deception and sudden, surprise aggression will win the day.

Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside [Kickstarter]
Little Devil Inside is a truly engaging 3D action adventure RPG game where you are thrown into a surreal but somewhat familiar setting with men, creatures and monsters to interact with, learn and hunt – survive and discover the world that exists beyond.

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