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Greenlight’s On a Roll With Its Second Batch This Month


No doubt about it. Valve’s definitely preparing for the removal of Greenlight. Two batches in one month? Can’t wait to see what’ll replace it though, because mark my words, something will! But alas, that’s a tale for another time, so for now, what say we celebrate this batch which is overflowing with greatness?

Oh boy. Tell ya what, there are too many games in the January 21 batch that I’m looking forward to, so I’ll just list my top picks at the bottom of this article. Surely you didn’t expect me to list all forty-something games, right? Right. Okay then. I am curious though… which, if any, are YOUR personal favorites from this lot? No jumping for joy that x or y got through until you’ve told me!

Although whilst celebrating, we mustn’t forget that there is a ridiculous amount of games still on Greenlight, trying to rack up enough votes to get through. Speaking of, remember my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo series? Both Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle and Inverto made it through this time, which makes me a happy panda! But the list is not empty just yet, so do check out the rest and show them some appreciation before browsing the list of 50. Pretty please?