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Exit Greenlight: Another Batch of Fifty On This Day


At this rate, Valve could very well run out of titles on Greenlight long before they shut down the service. Although… maybe that’s exactly why they’re now running bi-weekly batches of fifty through it? Couldn’t possibly be any other reason, after all. None whatsoever.

Bloody hell. More than a few from this batch were submitted less than a fortnight ago! Kinda makes ya wonder, doesn’t it? I mean they’re great games and all, no doubt about that, but that’s a tad bit – I don’t know, crazy? Probably. Quite awesome though, and older submissions like Danmaku Unlimited 2 and TRI did finally make the cut. As usual, instead of listing all fifty titles here, I’ve linked my favorites at the bottom of this article.

But we mustn’t forget that there a large amount of games are still on Greenlight, trying to rack up enough votes to get through. Remember Stuck In Greenlight Limbo? None made it through this time. None. Not a single one. Sad panda? Sad panda indeed. What say you check out the rest before browsing the list of 50. Pretty please? You know you want to, right? Sure ya do!