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From Thousands to Just Twenty: Google Play Indie Games Contest Finalists at a Glance


Remember how, last December, I suggested participating in the Google Play Indie Games contest? Well, if you didn’t, tough luck – too late now, twenty fortunate finalists picked and all, waiting… final judgment. (Translation: a handful of aspiring developers will have their creation featured at the Saatchi Gallery in London, and awfully soon, too!)

Now, as with any proper competition, this one does also feature rewards: premium placements on Google Play, for starters, which is certainly not a bad thing. At all. Oh, and how about tickets to Google I/O, Google Cloud credits or something else entirely? Place in the top three, for example, and you could walk away with a rather lovely Pixel C tablet. Meanwhile, even if you “only” manage to break down the barricades and make a splash in the top ten, there’s still a ton of promotional effort from Google for ya. Quite groovy, I’d say.

But enough of that. There are finalists to cheer for (or boo, if you must be of such mean nature). Finalists from Israel, Sweden, Poland, Germany – all of Euro– wait, no… where’s Denmark? Aw. Oh well. Anyway, let’s hear it for the twenty developers who’s made it this far, eh?


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