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Go Clubbing by Playing the Right Cards to Puzzle Through ‘Golf Peaks’

Ever play golf? Minigolf? Mountain-climbing golf? I mean, really, if you haven’t experienced that last one, you owe it to yourself to at least consider Golf Peaks, as that’s what it’s all about there, climbing mountains by playing golf. Oh, and the ball is moved by way of cards, rather than a club. Intriguing stuff.

While the rules may have changed ever so slightly, replacing club swings with ball movement determined by cards, the goal is still to sink the ball into a hole near the flag at the end. As for how to actually get it there… well, that depends entirely on the hand you’re dealt in each level/course. Combine that with various block types – which will either help or hinder – and you’ve got quite the turn-based brainteaser here (with a lovely minimalistic aesthetic to boot).

So how about ya forget all that golf knowledge you probably didn’t have anyway, as you won’t need any of it to play Golf Peaks, and take on this relaxing puzzler instead? Fore!

Golf Peaks is available on Steam ($4.99), itch.io ($4.99) and the App Store ($2.99).

Golf Peaks – launch trailer