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Watch Out For the Evil ‘Glow Monsters’ as You Go On a Cubic Munchin’ Spree!

Glow Monsters

Cubics. Ah, such a delicacy, at least to the protagonist of Glow Monsters. Personally, I never cared much for them. They’re just too crunchy, ya know? Seriously though, even though its gameplay was clearly inspired by Pac-Man, this particular dot (or cubics, I suppose) gobbler comes with a twist – a path-altering, world-bending twist. Quite literally too, as you can twist the path, giving nasties the slip! Groovy.

Gobble gobble gobble… gobble gobble gobble. Really don’t get why glow monsters (the enemies, not the game) are so relentless in their pursuit. Is it that they want the cubics for themselves, or? Well, whatever the case, they’re easily derailed, as you have full control over every bridge in the level. Use this to your advantage as best possible, and chances are not even the most powerful will be able to stop ya.

That said, rumor has it there are those with the ability to freeze said bridges, and even something about laser beams… so exercise caution instead of simply flicking the auto-pilot switch, ya hear? Six planets with more than a hundred levels await, each packing more cubics than the rest, and it’d be a shame if your untimely demise put an early end to that kind of buffét. Just saying. Dead men tell no tales, but… they also don’t eat!

Glow Monsters (iOS), Android coming soon.

Glow Monsters – Maze survival