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Glitch Jam: Craft a Game Full of Anomalies, Bugs, Hiccups Right Now

Glitch Jam 2014

While I do prefer my games as bug-free as humanly possible, this jam certainly has potential… for craziness, that is. There have been jams about storytelling, low resolutions, public domain(ing), and even a bunch of arbitrary ones, so why did it take so long for someone to start one about glitches? Probably because, glitches!

Seriously though, this is why I’m such a huge fan of game jams in general. The crazy ideas organizers come up for them tends to range from “oh wow” to “WHAT IS GOING ON?!”, the latter obviously being my favorite; needless to say, Glitch Jam falls into that very category.

The rules for this particular jam are few and simple. You have until June 30th (12am EST) to create and submit a game, featuring glitches in one form or another. This can be in terms of gameplay, visuals or, heck, whatever you can think of – if it can be glitched into a glitch, then a glitch it is… or something along those lines. Oh and voting will take place, as cast by the community, spanning one full week upon jam completion.

Glitch Jam is a virtual jam, so everyone’s jamming in different places, but let’s make this as fun and interactive as possible.

Yay, fun! A core component of any successful jam, I’d say. Speaking of making it interactive – do use the hashtag #glitchjam when tweeting about your game (or the jam itself), to help spread the word. At the time of writing, fifteen games have been submitted (well, fourteen and a placeholder). Will your creation be joining them, or are you more interested in playing other people’s glitch glitchy glitches?

Remember: Glitch Jam ends June 30th!