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Heal and Rebuild Broken Worlds in ‘Ginger: Beyond the Crystal’ On the Switch

A crystal exploded and the world is now in ruins. Just like that. It may sound like a terrible thing, and I suppose it actually is for those living in said world, but… it does give you a purpose in Ginger: Beyond the Crystal. I mean, someone has to heal and rebuild, and who better than an odd-looking little blue fella?

An odd-looking little blue fella who recently joined many other awesome indie titles on the Switch… soon. Game was originally released more than a year ago though, which does make me wonder what its protagonist has been up to all these months. Busy ensuring all the 200-some side quests, multiple different worlds, and over a dozen levels all work properly on Nintendo’s latest (again, at the time of writing) console, hopefully!

In between platforming sessions, you’re tasked with rebuilding homes, recreating the towns of your ancestors before disaster hits. Place different types of houses in the villages to restore happiness and in the process, heal the world itself!

The power to right a wrong of this scale is nothing to sneeze at after all, but I’m sure the good folks over at Drakhar Studio has it all working properly. Including the platforming, of which there will be plenty in Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, seeing how… well, the game is kinda built around it. Oh, and speaking of: the rebuilding bit is not just some fancy metaphor (wait, what?) either – you actually get to rebuild towns, one home at a time, eventually, you know, restoring… entire worlds. How cool is that going to be on the Switch? Nothing like a bit of construction work on the go, I’d say.

Note: Switch version will be getting a physical release in early 2018.

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is available on Steam at $14.99 – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch at $19.99.

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