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Game Making In Low Resolution With a Limited Palette: GBJam 5 Is About to Start!

GB Jam 5

It’s been almost a year since the last GBJam took place, so needless to say, this fifth iteration is… due! As such, the time is nearly upon aspiring developers to craft a brand new GameBoy themed game yet again, for this fifth GBJam!

Now, for those not familiar with the GameBoy’s design/specs, it’s pretty simple (limited, some might say): four colors and a resolution of 160×144! Yup. That said, making your creation run at x2 or x3 scaling is something I’d highly recommend, however, so players won’t have a hard time telling objects apart. Most will, after all, be playing at a comfortable distance from their screen, seeing how, you know, the games won’t be played on an actual GameBoy.

You can use a different set of 4 colors when moving to another screen, similar to Pokemon R/B/Y. Alpha transparency, anti-alias, fading and gradients create unwanted colors, and so are not allowed.

While the above quote was taken from the GBJam 3 FAQ, I’m fairly certain it also applies to GBJam 5. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Same concept after all, and same organizer to boot. No one’s stopping you from going all authentic and only utilize four shades of gray or a green-ish pastel-ish palette, though. That’d actually be pretty darn groovy, ya know? Also, it is how games looked on the original, albeit rather bulky, hardware. Just saying.

So if you feel like participating, head over to the website for a quick “what’s what” and clear your schedule from October 1st to October 10th. Remember, ain’t no blast like one from the past!