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At This Year’s Gamescom, InnoGames Jam Will Test the Might of 300 Developers

IGJam 2016

Ever since its first iteration back in 2009, the focus of Gamescom has always been on showcasing new and upcoming games, rather than, you know, making them. But this year, with the first ever InnoGames Jam, that’s going to change… over the course of 48 hours. Very groovy.

Now, needless to say, this is not your typical participate-from-anywhere affair, seeing how it takes place at Gamescom (in Cologne, Germany), and as such, certain restrictions apply. First and foremost, only 300, picked randomly from eager participants, will be able to participate – likely due to physical space being, well, limited.

On top of that, while submitting intent to participate is free, those who make the cut will be required to fork over €50 for a 72-hour ticket (17th-19th of August). This grants you access to the jam (obviously), Gamescom during aforementioned dates, an awards show, catering and a so-called ‘chill out area’, for moments when rest simply can no longer be postponed.

As for the winners… these fortunate souls get to show off their creation at the Indie Arena Booth, from the 20th-21st of August, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Also, be sure to read the FAQ. All good? What are you waiting for then? Apply!

(Source: InnoGames Jam via. IndieGames.com)

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