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Ya Don’t Wanna Miss the Indie Arena Booth at This Year’s Gamescom

Indie Arena Booth 2016

With sixty developers showcasing a total of more than eighty games at Gamescom’s Indie Arena Booth this year, chances are you’d do well to check it out. Gonna be hard to miss I suppose, taking up a grand 620 square meters, but… ya never know. Plenty other things happening at Gamescom after all, although none as exciting as this!

Now, on the topic of important bits, Gamescom 2016 will be taking place in Cologne, Germany, between the 18th and 21st of August, 2016. Meanwhile, the Indie Arena Booth can be found in Hall 10.1. Got all that? Great. You’ll want to be quick about it if tickets still haven’t been purchased by the way, as it seems precious few remain, even if we are almost a month from the event still. Then again, you don’t have to attend to peruse details, screenshots and such from the lineup, which can be found below. Just saying.

1979 Revolution: BLACK FRIDAY (iNK Stories)
Airheart (Blindflug Studios)
Airships: Conquer the Skies (David Stark)
Armello (League of Geeks)
Bear With Me (Exordium Games)
Beatbuddy: Ultimate Edition (THREAKS)
Black The Fall (Sand Sailor Studio)
Cerulean Moon (nachobeard)
ChromaGun (Pixel Maniacs)
Code 7 (Goodwolf Studio)
Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket (Arcane Circus)
Cubiverse (Mediadesign Hochschule – Ludamus)
Deliver Us The Moon (KeokeN Interactive)
DIG (Rock Pocket Games)
Dimension Drive (2Awesome Studio)
Elena (LabOne48)
Epistory: Typing Chronicles (Fishing Cactus)
FAR (Mixtvision / Mr. Whale’s Game Service)
Fossil Echo (Fossil Echo Team)
Frog Climbers (TeamCrew)
Giant Cop (Other Ocean Interactive)
GoNNER (Art in Heart)
Herald (Wispfire)
Hidden Folks (Adriaan de Jongh)
ICEY (Fantablade Network)
Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation (Suncrash)
Kawaidas Journey (Cultural Games)
Lost Ember (Mooneye Studios)
Looterkings (Looterkings)
MEMORIUM (SevenStories)
MODSORK (CinnoMan Games)
Move or Die (Those Awesome Guys)
Narcosis (Honor Code)
Niche (Team Niche)
Nova Nukers! (Space Orange Studios)
Oniri Islands (Tourmaline Studio)
Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper (Too Kind Studio)
Party Hard Tycoon (tinyBuild)
Pawarumi (Manufacture 43)
Planet Diver (Fabraz)
Planetoid Pioneers (Data Realms)
unannounced game (11bit Studios)
Quiz Tales (Krabwerk)
RIVE (Two Tribes Publishing)
Rogue Stormers (Black Forest Games)
Schlicht (Mr. Whales Game Service)
Shadwen + unannounced game (Frozenbyte)
Shift Happens (Klonk)
Shio (Coconut Island Studio)
Splash Blast Panic (Team KwaKwa)
Strikers Edge (Fun Punch Games)
Super Sky Arena (Hammer Labs)
Super Treasure Arena (Niko Panagiotopoulos)
The Incredible Journey of You and I (Shy Kids Club)
The Inner World 2 (Fizbin)
The Little Acre (Pewter Games Studios)
Tricky Towers (WeirdBeard)
Typoman: Revised (Brainseed Factory)
unannounced game (Holocafe)

(Thanks to IndieGames.com for the reminder)

Gamescom Indie Arena Booth 2016 – Teaser

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