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Make Games, the 2nd: GameMaker Studio 2 Has Arrived!

GameMaker Studio 2

Keeping up with game engines can be quite a confusing affair in this day and age, as there are simply so many! But while alternatives like Unreal Engine and Unity do exist among the giants, YoYo Games are certainly doing their part to help ensure the continued success of GameMaker Studio – even more so with the recent release of its successor, aptly titled… GameMaker Studio 2.

As for what the new hotness brings/is, well, how does a brand new UI sound, for starters? I mean, sure, you’ll have to get used to nothing being where it used to and all that, but aside from that. Oh, and for those more interested in the financial aspect of game making than anything else, there are fun new things in that department too, because monetization makes the world go ’round. Or at the very least, puts bread on the table for many a developer in this day and age. Hopefully.

Featuring a powerful programming language for professionals, and a drag-and-drop no-code-required workflow for beginners, and a comprehensive toolset, top quality games can be developed quickly at affordable pricing.

The way drag-and-drop-to-actual-code is handled has also been overhauled with real-time updates to keep the workflow as smooth as possible. An undeniable productivity boost right there, and with the ability to build for a slew of platforms (Windows (Vista and above), OS X, Ubuntu, iOS, Android (Android TV, Amazon Fire, Fire TV), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), you’ll need all the help you can get to avoid falling behind! Unless you opt to only target a single platform, that is. I doubt many will take that route, though. But hey, your project, your call.

(Source: The Wait Is Over)

GameMaker Studio 2 is available from YoYo Games and Steam (desktop, web, UWP, mobile), with varying price tags.

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