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GameMaker: Player Aims to Unify Project Sharing and Playing This October

GameMaker: Player (mockup)

Given the overwhelming amount of GameMaker titles available at this point, and more popping up all the time, this is far from a bad idea, I’d say. At its core, GameMaker: Player is a unified application of sorts, set to make sharing, finding, selling and even playing GameMaker creations easier than ever. Paid or free, beta or final – everyone’s welcome.

Actually, that last bit ain’t quite right, as you’ll need GameMaker: Studio 1.4 to use GameMaker: Player with your project. Incidentally, that very version will be rolling out as beta, this October, alongside… wait for it… GameMaker: Player! Don’t care about making, just wanna play games? No worries: using it for that won’t cost a single cent.

According to its creator, GameMaker: Player will be “extremely easy to use”. Exactly how easy remains to be seen, as details are anything but plentiful at this point, aside from the fact that developers will need a pro license to make a paid game available on the platform. Hardly a surprise though, seeing how that’s also the case with GameMaker: Studio creations in general, but still worth noting. No loopholes.

Riddle me this, dear reader: what are your thoughts on such an announcement, given the wide variety of storefronts with plenty GameMaker: Studio titles already out there? Will GameMaker: Player be but a drop in the ocean, or could it actually make some proper impact? We’ll see what happens, this October!

(Source: Yo Yo Games)