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Game Music Bundle Finally Returns With More Rocking Indie Game Tunes

game music bundle 8

I know I said the same thing last time, but… Game Music Bundle is finally back! Honestly, music bundles like this one are much too far between, especially with such a quality lineup: FTL, Freedom Planet, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake and Gods Will Be Watching, to name but a few. Wow. Time for some rockin’ indie game tunes!

Like its precursor, this one also features two pricing tiers ($1 and $10), and the first tier only contains less than a third of the contents. I’d recommend dropping a full $10 to get the lot though, as you get a ton of music for yer money – might make for a groovy Christmas present too, ya know? Less than a month left for the holiday shopping after all! Oh and everything’s available in both 320kbps MP3, lossless FLAC and of course, ALAC.

Game Music Bundle 8 can be acquired from here, but only for another 14 days. Its contents have been listed below, complete with Loudr links for the try-before-you-buy crowd. Time to crank it up!

$1 tier

  • The Sailor’s Dream (Original Soundtrack) [Loudr]
  • Zombies/Corporate Lifestyle Simulator OST [Loudr]
  • Gods Will Be Watching Original Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake [Loudr]
  • Super Time Force Original Soundtrack [Loudr]

$10 tier

  • Gods Will Be Watching Alternative Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • Freedom Planet Official Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • Lifeformed [Loudr]
  • Lovely Planet Original Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • The Novelist [Loudr]
  • FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • Halfway Original Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • Wanderlust Adventures [Loudr]
  • Spell Team Death Match OST [Loudr]
  • Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Original Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • Majestic Nights Volume One: All Lies on you (Original Game Soundtrack) [Loudr]
  • Izakaya Ōmen ~MINI~ [Loudr]
  • Dreamfall Chapters Reborn – Original Soundtrack [Loudr]
  • Hack ‘n’ Slash: Original Soundtrack [no Loudr page]