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In Forts, Towers Are Made to Clash, and Eventually They Will be… DEMOLISHED!


Build, fight, destroy. That’s pretty much Forts – or so the trailer below all this text would have you believe. Fortunately, there’s much more than that to this tower builder, which has two sides build what they consider ‘the best tower possible’, after which, well, war is waged! A brutal, explosive, demoralizing war. A war which shall, inevitably, reduce the tower count by one. The other… will be less than the sum of its parts. So groovy.

Or at least I’m hoping it will be, come April 19, which is when EarthWork Games plans to unleash carnage and mayhem on the world. That and, for one side, gloom and doom. Will it be you, the unsuspecting AI, or perhaps an equally unsuspecting player (or two) across the globe? That depends on how good you are at constructing a base and arming it with all the right weaponry, picking the right commander and making the most of your abilities.

Collect resources, develop your tech-tree, unlock advanced weapons to target your opponent’s weak points, and feel the satisfaction as their fort comes crashing down.

See, whether you blow stuff up in the lengthy single-player campaign, duke it out against AI opponents in skirmishes or take the battle online, abilities are going to be an important factor. From reduced cost on building materials to increased accuracy and even explosive bullets (groovy!), it certainly sounds like there’ll be something for every type of armchair general. I mean, come on: explosive bullets! Yeah!

Oh, and did I mention everything’s done in real-time, how there’s even a tech-tree to work through as battles continue to wear down what was once a glorious tower (or the both of them, for that matter), or that Forts will have mod support? Glory to the commander!

Forts will be available from Steam on April 19, carrying a TBD price tag.

Forts Launch Date Teaser

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