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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: ‘Forgive Me My Henchmen’

One building, one mission, one… one-man army… action hero. So far so bad, because you won’t be playing that part in Forgive Me My Henchmen! Instead, your job is to actually be the bad guy, sabotaging the would-be hero’s attempts at stopping you. Because you know he’s gonna try. It’s what they do, after all, those ‘good’ guys.

Oh, and minor spoiler: like in any good action movie, you don’t actually get to put the hero out of comission here, so much as you… well, buy yourself enough time to escape, by sacrificing your minions (hence the title). A fun little tower defense-y experience with everything from upgrades to ‘boss characters’ to assist you with, you know, not getting caught. Ever.

That’s what I want to say at least, but something tells me sooner or later, the hero will win. Just the way things are, happy ending and such. Until then though, there’s plenty to do, the game spanning a total of 20 levels/buildings for you to sabotage as much as possible to slow a certain protagonist (that’s right – you’re not the main character!). Upgrade your arsenal, throw big bulky bosses at him, and… watch as none of their bullets hit. Yup.

There’ll be no rescue chopper unless Forgive Me My Henchmen is kickstarted however, and at the time of writing, still plenty to go; both in terms of time and money, sitting at AU$1,262 (US$988) of AU$12,000 (US$9,395) with 23 days remaining. Those interested in early access (no, not the Steam thing) can opt to pledge AU$25 (US$20) for beta access, while a few bucks less will simply net you the game – a pre-order, as it were.

Speaking of which… the game should be out on Windows, OS X and Linux, this July. Definitely something to look forward to, ya know? Fingers crossed for not only a successful Kickstarter, but success for the poor henchmen altogether!

Forgive Me My Henchmen

Kickstarter – Forgive Me My Henchmen

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