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Flying Bundle 6 Takes Off With Cubes, Heroes, Craters and More

Flying Bundle 6

Wallet feeling bundle pressured yet? I hope not, because it’s time to become a god in Skyward Collapse, kick ass in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project along with… something something cubes, perfection and more interesting stuff. Are you ready? I said: ARE YOU READY?! Cheap indie games! GO!

Pricing is simple: $3 for the lot, none of that tier nonsense from other bundles. Doesn’t get much easier than that, and seeing how one of the participants is on Greenlight, well, you know what that means, right? It’s voting time! Oh, there’s also a mystery game, because it wouldn’t be a proper bundle without it in this day and age, ya know? Anyway, onto the games!

crater maker

Crater Maker [alpha] (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
Push your abilities to the limits as you navigate procedurally built galaxies and planets, build your own scenarios in the scenario editor, and play with friends in the multiplayer and cooperative modes. Dodge asteroids, manage your fuel, and don’t piss off the aliens in your pursuit to be the best pilot in the universe!


Cubetractor (Windows, Mac – Steam)
Cubetractor is a neo-retroesque action-strategy-puzzle hybrid where you defeat enemies through an unconventional cube-pulling, turret-buildling mechanic.

duke nukem manhattan project

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (Windows, Mac – Steam)
Duke Nukem takes his Mighty Boot to the Big Apple. Using GLOPP (Gluon Liquid Omega-Phased Plasma), the maniacal mech Morphix has transformed the creatures of New York City into an army of bloodthirsty mutants. In Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Duke must deploy WIN (Weapons, Insults and Name-Calling) to rid the city of goo-based bad guys, and return peace and tranquility to The City That Never Sleeps.

Hero Siege

Hero Siege (Windows – Steam)
The kingdom of Tarethiel has been taken over by creatures of hell. Your mission is to cleanse the kingdom and free the citizen from the agonizing wrath of the demon child called Damien. Grab your axe, bow, gun or magic powers and start purging the Gate Keepers and their minions!


Perfection. (Windows, Mac – Steam, Desura)
Perfection. is a simple, soothing puzzle game about cutting shapes to fit into outlines. There are an infinite number of puzzles, each randomly generated to be unique and interesting.

Skyward Collapse

Skyward Collapse (Windows, Mac – Steam)
How do you balance — and indeed encourage — a war between factions without letting either side obliterate the other? How do you rule over gods, creatures, and men who refuse to obey you? How do you build a landscape of villages when bandits and mythology are conspiring to tear it down? Skyward Collapse places you into the role of The Creator, and frees you to tackle these problems your own way.

Skyward Collapse: Nihon no Mura

Skyward Collapse: Nihon no Mura [DLC] (Windows, Mac – Steam)
The Japanese enter the fray on Luminith: their faction has a very strong military and a very strange pantheon: their gods are much more aggressive than their Greek and Norse counterparts, and each has three god creatures rather than three god tokens. Learning to play this new faction effectively is a fun new challenge: given how powerful the Japanese military and mythology are, you have to be very creative in how you help the Norse and Greeks drive back this threat. Remember, no faction is supposed to dominate the other!

Don’t forget that Flying Bundle’s Flying Bundle 6 will be gone in less than twenty days, so don’t wait too long; unless you enjoy paying full price for indie games, that is. Nothing wrong with that, but since a bundle has been made available and all – might as well, right?