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‘Flippin’ Phones’ Proves That Ignoring the Non-Digital World Can Be Disastrous

Flippin' Phones

It’s hardly a secret that smartphones take up a huge portion of most people’s life these days, but in Flippin’ Phones, it’s bad. Really bad. Everyone’s too busy tweeting, checking their email, texting and whatnot, to realize that a terrible disaster is looming on the horizon. Time for someone (spoiler: you) to relieve them of their phones and maybe, just maybe, actually save them. Maybe.

I know how boring such a task sounds, but rest assured, it most certainly isn’t. See, the game doesn’t ask you to simply wander around the mall, confiscating people’s phones, as that would not only be quite dull, but also take much too long. So to speed up the process, you get to zoom through the crowd and flip their phones, after which they’ll actually follow you around. Where are you taking them? Why, to the nearest cardboard box, of course. Neat trick, eh?

Although this being a mall and all, there are unfortunately… security guards. These fools will be sent flying upon making contact though, unless you’re overexerted, that is, at which point smashing into one will instead bring forth a game over. Oh and while your energy will recover gradually if you stand still, going up or down an escalator halts that very process, for reasons unknown.

Flippin' Phones

In case you hadn’t noticed already, based on the screenshot above, this one’s all about setting as high a score as possible, because sooner or later, you will be caught. Unless I’m mistaken, the best way to rack up points is to assemble as huge a following as possible, prior to passing through a cardboard box. Also, do ignore whatever ramblings or curses those mindless drones (your following) spew at ya, because in this crazy game, security guards hurt, words don’t.

While the game is fun and all in its current state, it was created in less than 48 hours during Indie Gameleon 2014. Pretty impressive, I’d say, but BlauwPrint Games aren’t done just yet, as they’re “in the process of improving the game substantially”. But seeing how the new version is still ways off, and the current build is both playable and fun, why not wreak some havoc across the mall right now, in… Flippin’ Phones?

Flippin' Phones – Gameplay Trailer