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Help the Fish Fly Explore New Waters by Collecting Tribute For the Sea Lords

Fish Fly

It’s time to become a splishy splashy fishy, and dive into the depths. Although in this game, you’re not just another average fish, tasked with survival. Instead, you’re the Fish Fly, a fish on a mission! To boldly go where no fish has gone before, and so on… after paying tribute to the mighty Sea Lords.

Armed with the power of bubbles, you’re able to “trap and extrude a beautiful, shining gem” from, well, plants and just about any aquatic creature nearby. These are then to be collected, at which point they will immediately be transferred to the Sea Lords, and once they’re pleased with your efforts, new seas will be made available. Or in plain English: blast everything with your bubbly trail and pick up their gems to reach the next level. There are also power-ups and co-op support for up to two players (albeit only locally), along with a much more relentless ‘Night Mode’ (as opposed to the standard ‘Fish Mode’).

The Fish Fly is an aquatic creature living in the vast depths of Planet Overling. It swims using the force of bubbles shooting from within its tail.

As you go along, making a splish and a splash, turning sea life into gems, moving from one sea to another, keep in mind that two hits is all the protagonist can take before it’s game over. For good. No continues, no extra chances. You’ve got one life, one opportunity… to set as high a score as possible! That said, seeing how that (setting a high score) pretty much sums up the experience as it were, unless you’re a genuine score-chaser, Fish Fly probably won’t get much playtime.

In spite of that, I’d still recommend giving Fish Fly a chance. Diving into these waters won’t cost a single cent after all, and who’s to say you won’t end up actually enjoying this newfound aquatic lifestyle, score-chaser at heart or not?

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