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Official Printable ‘Firewatch’ Maps Are an Undeniable Increase of the Immersion Factor


Firewatch, love it or hate it, is certainly an interesting game. Or perhaps ‘experience’ is more accurate? Dunno. Doesn’t matter. What does, is its focus on the Wyoming wilderness and your journey through it. An adventure which, should you so desire, is now (theoretically) doable without in-game navigation! Might sound crazy, but wandering around, assisted only by a printed map, actually adds a lot. If you can handle it…

“Challenge accepted”, you say? Great, because if you’re anything like me, that’s exactly what this’ll be. A challenge. And a big one at that. The game covers a sizeable amount of ground after all, and even though there are landmarks, nature is still nature, a tree is still a tree, and so on.

But enough of that. There are maps to print and a brand new way to experience Firewatch! Two versions are available: one clean, ripe for all kinds of doodling, and one textured, bearing a much closer to its in-game counterpart. Both can be acquired from links in the announcement post, so what are you waiting for? Oh and as mentioned in that same post, do try using the map for some ‘co-op’ play with a friend. Trust me.

Firewatch is available from Steam and PlayStation 4, carrying a $19.99 price tag.

Firewatch – June 2015 Trailer