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Proper Firewatch Fan Localization Is a Thing and Everyone’s Invited to Help


While Firewatch has taken gamers across the globe by storm, given the amount of dialogue / text in general, it can be a bit much for non-native English speakers. Because of this, Campo Santo, its creator, is looking for people willing to help with localization efforts.

Now, to avoid any confusion, keep in mind that this is essentially a fan project, in that not only is it unofficial, it is also unpaid. Still both important and useful, even if it – like most mods – will have to be downloaded and installed manually. Oh and Russian, Spanish, French, German and Simple Chinese are off the table, as official localizations for those languages are already either complete or being worked on by paid translators.

We’re hoping to see Firewatch in as many languages as possible, and we will be uploading full localizations back to the GitHub repository as the community completes them so they can be shared around.

Everything else from Arabic to Vietnamese is up for grabs however, provided they utilize Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1), anyway. That does shorten the list a bit, but what can ya do? Technical reasons are technical. At least they’re using Github, where more details can also be found, including, say, how to work the syntax. Alternatively, group translations are being worked on over at Transifex, where Danish (yay!) is currently sitting at a solid 6% completion. Go Denmark!


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