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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: Eon Break

Remember that time Nikola Tesla fought the nazis, while also battling mushrooms? Me neither. Probably because, to the best of history books, that never happened. Oh, but it will. It most certainly will… and in 2017 no less! That said, the experience will be limited to the confines of a video game by the name of Eon Break, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Also, this version of Tesla is pretty bad-ass to say the least, which only makes it all the more groovy.

Run, gun, teleport, fail horribly, turn back time and try again. Sky’s the limit in this alternate timeline, where Nikola Tesla is more akin to a mad scientist than anything else, even if he is fighting to save the world. A fight which is going to take everything he’s got and more, the acquisition of some rather advanced gear making the difference between success and failure – quite literally, at times, as you will be unable to progress without certain ‘upgrades’.

On top of that, some of these – like the HALO Apparatus for Advanced Movement – will also enable you (or Tesla, I suppose?) to reach places otherwise inaccessible areas. Yup. Eon Break is a metroidvania, starring a famous inventor. Doesn’t get much better than this. Until you give the protagonist a lighting rifle, capable of… wait for it… creating wormholes! No really. The TEAR, like so many other things in this game, is pretty much straight out of a crazy sci-fi movie. Given the fact that Tesla was born in 1856, that’s saying something, but again – alternate timeline. Anything goes in those.

We want to show you some lesser known inventions of this mad genius. A Tesla gun that can burn enemies with electricity and pierce alien robots with a Death Ray? We’ve got that covered! A personal defense droid that can slow down time? Sure!

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot more to it than running around shooting nazis (and mushrooms!) with weird weaponry, scaling high walls and manipulating the flow of time, like some kind of super hero. Like… things that shall not be revealed here. Although, on a somewhat related note (not really), did I mention how the game actually starts with Nikola Tesla dying, and that you’re up against… some mysterious off-world invader… thingie? Yeah. You-know-what gets real. Really real. Super real. Eon Break real.

Ah, but we mustn’t forget that first and foremost, there’s a Kickstarter campaign to deal with, and it’s sitting at $4,556 of $50,000 with 33 days to go (July 13, 2017). Not too shabby. It’ll get there eventually, I’m sure. As for the game’s release, we can look forward to a December release, at which point $15 will net you a Steam key – seeing how it’s long since been greenlit, while upping your pledge to $20 throws in a lovely companion book and the soundtrack. Groovy stuff. Of course… you could always go crazy and drop a literal grand on the Kickstarter, at which point you will be THE BOSS! I kid you not. The boss. So let’s get Eon Break kickstarted, eh?

Eon Break Kickstarter Trailer

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