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‘Eldritch’ Celebrates Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft With ‘Asylum’ Expansion

Eldritch Arena expansion

Even though the famous author, H.P. Lovecraft, has not been with us since 1937, both his name and legacy still find their way into modern times, every so often. The latest occurrence comes in the form of a content update for lovecraftian roguelike, Eldritch, adding… the Asylum. In this new area, players are tasked with an uncanny soul collect-a-thon. Eerie.

The Asylum can be accessed immediately, by reading the appropriate book in the library. Once inside, you’ll have to deal with all sorts of nasties, as you attempt to navigate its mazelike corridors, collecting those precious souls and hopefully a useful item or two. Just be sure to keep an eye on the clock, for once it runs out… well, you’ll see.

Eldritch Arena expansion

Now, some may find it too easy while other simply blaze through it. As for me, I’m definitely of the former. Before my collection had even gone far into double digits, I was overwhelmed by nightmarish creatures, blood spilling everywhere, as I drew my last breath. As such, suffice to say, I did not place on either the ‘fastest time’ or ‘most souls’ leaderboards. Impressive numbers from other players on the two though, and to think, the Asylum has only been in the game for less than 72 hours.

Along with the expansion, this update also adds Steam exclusives, like trading cards, achievements, leaderboards (note: in-game ones are also available), along with various engine tweaks. Lovely, eh? Unfortunately, while Eldritch is also available via. Humble, albeit without the Steam stuff, that version may or may not be getting this update. Sucks for those who don’t like Steam, but as always, developer’s call.

Eldritch is available for Windows, Mac, Linux from Steam and Humble (widget, store), priced at $14.99 and without DRM (Steam version too).


Eldritch Reveal Trailer