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Itemization Changes ‘Dunk Lords’ From a Typical Basketball Game to a Strategical Affair

Basketball used to be a simple affair, two teams competing over who could put the ball through a hoop the most. This basic set of rules was also mimicked in video games – at least for a while. Then along came NBA Jam in 1993, forever changing the rules of virtual basketball (and for the better, I’d say). While Dunk Lords does add its own unique twists, I still suspect it is very much inspired by that classic. Groovy stuff.

I mean, the objective is still to score as many points as possible, and that is still accomplished by somehow getting the ball through… well, you know how basketball works, I’m sure, so let’s move onto what makes Dunk Lords interesting instead: it’s a beat ’em up! That’s right, fighting is not only legal here, it is downright encouraged. Opponent trying to dunk? Send them flying with an uppercut! Can’t reach whoever’s holding onto the ball? Blast them with laser beams from your eyes!

Dunk Lords is a two-on-two basketball beat ’em up featuring over-the-top special moves, devastating dunks, and game-changing equipment. Choose from 16 of the baddest ballers around, each with unique special attacks and abilities, and do battle on a variety of hazard-filled courts.

On top of those other shenanigans, the roster packs an impressive sixteen playable characters, each with their own special ‘abilities’. Now, in case that doesn’t make the experience chaotic enough, better make sure you deck your character in the best gear available between quarters to truly tilt the odds in your team’s favor – because your opponents will not hesitate to do the same. Or how about a co-op enabled story mode, for when more than a casual brawl with up to three other players is on the menu?

Dunk Lords

Dunk Lords Gameplay Teaser