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‘Dungeon Defenders II’ Gets Spooky With Halloween Themed Content Patch

dungeon defenders ii halloween 2015

Like its precursor, Dungeon Defenders II is a co-op enabled tower defense / RPG hybrid, with a strong focus on loot, and what glorious loot it is! So much in fact, that the ghouls and goblins have decided to partake in the craziness across maps, old and new alike. Oh and Maldonis the Dark is leading the pack. Evil name for an evil guy, ya know?

Having spent a good 6-7 hours playing Dungeon Defenders II, I gotta admit, for a game that’s only just entered ‘open alpha’ stage of Early Access, it’s incredibly polished, stable and best of all, fun! It also packs quite a lot of content for a F2P title, in which the only monetization is – currently – loot chests, containing… cosmetic stuff. Well that and additional hero / bag slots, sure, but no pay2win stuff. At all.

Anyway, enough of that! Earlier today, a brand new update went live, weighing in at a whoopin’ 715mb (for me, anyway), and a quick trip to its Steam page reveals this changelog. A changelog which details, among other things, the addition of two new maps: a road less travelled due to its haunted nature, in The Deadly Road, alongside Temple of the Necrotic, which plays host to a locale “built in the space between life and death” (wait, what?). There’s also a bunch of new weapons, quality-of-life updates to the war table, and an option to skip the tutorial for new players.

Good stuff all-round, though I suspect the addition of auto-collect filters will be of interest to more, than not being forced to play through the tutorial, for obvious reasons. You do get a LOT of loot on later maps / difficulties after all, so being able to automagically sort it based on specific criteria is likely going to save quite a bit of time. Time which can then be spent checking out the redecorated tavern, even if the ol’ man isn’t exactly thrilled by the changes. But he also ain’t the one out there saving Etheria, so just ignore his grumpiness.

So… have you played Trendy’s tower defense sequel yet, and if not, are you going to? Voice your thoughts in the comments below, positive and negative alike.

(Source: Ascension Part II Released)

Dungeon Defenders II is available from Steam (Windows), as a F2P title.

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