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‘Drunken Viking’ Has You Retracing Every Step of Sven's Alcoholic Rampage

Drunken Viking

Like any proper viking (or so history claims, anyway), Sven likes to get completely smashed and go on a rampage, breaking furniture, windows and what-have-you. But this time, the darn Drunken Viking has no recollection of the events that transpired in his drunken state! Help him repair damage done, exiting through the front gate afterwards. A simple enough task, right? Well…

Needless to say, there’s a catch: once an object, be it a door, a table, a chair or something else entirely, has been repaired, Sven can no longer pass through it. Given the design of each level, this can – and probably will – put those who didn’t plan ahead into a dead end, forcing a restart (only of the current level, thankfully). Oh and do pick up his clothes, armor and weapon before exiting, as running through town in next-to-nothing is bound to be more troublesome than fun.

The exact opposite can be said about the puzzling gameplay however, as even though the concept is hardly 100% original, it’s still quite entertaining, if a bit easy. If you’re only interested in helping the protagonist reach the front gate that is, as repairing everything and grabbing every last item does add a fair amount of challenge.

Now, in case the whole thing wasn’t silly enough as is, each level is actually introduced by some incredibly obscure reason to get drunk, like… not being granted permission to pillage (wait, what?). Yup. Vikings. A crazy bunch for sure, especially this particular Drunken Viking, whom I’d recommend helping through his hangover ASAP. Just remember that objects become solid once repaired here.