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Dreams and Reality: Bridging the Cloudy Gap

Dreams and Reality

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually traverse the land of dreams? To be in control while dreaming, to… maybe… turn them into reality? Whether you’ll be able to do that last bit in Dreams and Reality is not for me to spoil, although I will say this: its protagonist sure has a nifty platforming ability!

As the game begins, you don’t really get a lot of “what’s going on?” before immediately finding yourself in a dark and gloomy world. A really nice looking world, but a dark and gloomy one, nonetheless. Reason for being here? Uncertain. Goal? Uncertain. All you can do is move left, right, jump and… wait for it… climb your dreams.

See, for reasons unknown, you’re able to create dreams (or platforms, rather) by standing still and holding down the space key, while pressing in either direction will bend the creation that way. Nifty, eh? Better believe it! There’s no way you’d be able to navigate this puzzling realm without it after all, as progress is frequently placed just out of reach – until you dream. Dream, dream, then dream some more, to collect them shiny things (wait, what?).

With the combination of a lovely art style, soothing piano-driven music, solid platforming with a clever twist, there’s plenty to like and honestly, I’ve got nothing bad to say about Dreams and Reality. In fact, why don’t ya head on over to Kongregate and take it for a spin right now? Dreams are just that, after all… until they become something more.

Dreams and Reality – Release Trailer

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