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‘Draw The Line!’ Turns Line Drawing Into a Rather Puzzley Affair

Draw the Line!

Most people can draw a line, straight or not, but can it be the core mechanic of a good puzzle game? Draw The Line! tries its best to pull off such a feat, by way of trickery and very specific rules.

While hardly the most original idea for a puzzle mechanic, the rule set in place helps make it feel both fresh, fun and at times, quite challenging. Each level tasks you with drawing a line through the walls of a different shape. Early on, this is easy enough. Start by going through here, continue through this wall and wrap things up by going through these two. Simple stuff. There are a few rules to follow though: no crossing the line or drawing through the same wall twice!

As the game progresses new mechanics, like directional walls, locks and portals are introduced. This helps to keep the game exciting to the end.

See, this is where things get interesting. Ensuring that the line crosses every single wall, while also following the rules, is a ‘simple’ matter of planning ahead. But once the game starts adding aforementioned obstacles, chances are you’ll come to realize exactly why the ‘undo’ button exists. Since I haven’t gotten far just yet, I can’t really say whether the difficulty reaches crazy heights in the later worlds; I suspect it will, though. Remember: all it takes to make or break an entire drawing, is a single line.

With a total of 120 levels, a time trial mode, trophies and online leaderboards, there’s plenty of bang for your buck here. Wait, scratch that last bit: Draw The Line! is free, although ad-based on Android. The iOS version on the other hand, is not only a universal app, but also ad-free. Oh right, you can also play the game in your favorite browser. So pick yer poison and… draw!

Draw the Line Game Trailer (Official) (iPhone and Android App)