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It Takes 2D to Down Tangos as ‘Door Kickers: Action Squad’ Leaves Early Access

While there’s no shortage of video games that puts you into the shoes of a SWAT team, most do opt for either a bird’s eye view with a more strategic affair or they go first-person for a shooter-esque experience. Not so with Door Kickers: Action Squad as you’ll be gunning down bad guys, rescuing hostages, maybe even disarm a bomb or two… in the second dimension! Groovy stuff.

But before you get to do all that fun stuff, you’ll have to choose between the five playable characters, and carefully at that because no two enforcers (of the law) are the same in this game. Not only do they all play differently, but leveling paths also differ, adding plenty replay value and strategic possibilities as you attempt to clear the rather lengthy non-linear story. Just keep an eye out for the bad guys and remember: shoot first, ask questions never. Or some such. Eye on the prize and you might come out of this in one piece.

Oh, and given the amount of enemy types and weapons available, there’s bound to be something for every situation – something to help you get the job done and head home at the end of the day, still very much alive. Just don’t forget that you can actually bring a friend if the action gets too intense. They don’t even have to be on the couch, next to you, as Door Kickers: Action Squad supports online co-op too. Best of all, while the game did recently leave Early Access, according to the release post, they’re nowhere near done adding to it. So… lock and load, soldier – Nowhere City awaits!

Door Kickers: Action Squad is available from Steam, carrying a $13.99 price tag.

Door Kickers: Action Squad Release Trailer