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Privacy is Overrated: Make a Living as a Voyeur in ‘Do Not Feed the Monkeys’… Soon!

Did you know that there’s money to be made from invading other people’s privacy? Actually, yeah, you probably did. How about The Primate Observation Club, then? No? In that case, allow me – or rather, Do Not Feed the Monkeys – to introduce (and welcome) you to this rather exclusive club of… well, voyeurs.

I mean, the temptation to help someone based on what you ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon by snooping about can be hard to resist, and you do actually have the opportunity to do just that. Or you could sit back and watch, letting events progress naturally, for better or worse. Entirely up to you, as social networks, websites etc. are browsed, emails read, chats interacted with, and so on. So much information, so many ‘what if…?’ scenarios, all begging to be explored.

Tired of your ramshackle apartment, dull existence and boring jobs, you’re accepted into the exclusive organization, so you can pry into the privacy of the “caged monkeys” as they go about their lives…

The one thing to remember in Do Not Feed the Monkeys though, is that… your actions will have consequences. Real consequences. Life-alteri– yea, you get the gist. On top of that, sleep deprivation, health, rent, acquisition of additional ‘cages’ (cameras), and more, all need to be managed accordingly. No one said it’d be an easy gig, but do well and one day, you just might be able to access the mythical ‘Big Primate Cage’. Ah, one can dream.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys will be available from Steam ‘during the first half of 2018’.

"Do Not Feed the Monkeys" – Trailer