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Desura Goes Vector-Based With the Addition of ‘Swift*Stitch’


I already reviewed this one way back in January (spoiler: it’s a lot of fun), but now it’s available for purchase outside of the official website too.

Considering the fact that a lot of games on Desura get released and then no one ends up really noticing due to lack of awareness, I figured it best to inform my readers that Sophie Houlden’s little indie racer with old-school visuals is available on Desura for €5.49 (or the equivalent in your currency) as of.. right now.

Now, I could easily go on for a while about Swift*Stitch but I already did that in my review, so how about a feature list instead?

  • 2 Button control
  • 3 Game modes
  • 42 Levels
  • 7 Speed settings
  • Achievements
  • Cool vector graphics
  • Customisable appearance (colourblind friendly!)
  • 8 tune soundtrack by Aeronic

A demo is available on the game’s Desura page, for those who want to do the try-before-you-buy thing or in case my recommendation isn’t enough (yeah right). This is also a semi-rare case of a developer going that extra mile: If you already bought it, a Desura key should be heading your way by email according to this tweet (and I got mine just now).

Update: Game is now free on Desura.