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‘Dentist Candy Decay Saga’ Teaches Dental Hygiene Through Toothy Puzzles

Dentist Candy Decay Saga

You’re probably tired of being told this, but… dental hygiene is incredibly important. So much in fact, that one of the Candy Jam participants decided to create a game revolving around teeth, toothpaste and sweet temptation. Don’t let its simple visuals fool ya though, for beneath the surface lies some genuinely tricky levels. Oh and watch out for cavities!

Last time a video game sent me into someone’s mouth, it was a noticeably more action oriented affair than this turn-based puzzler. Alas, with naught but a quote from the faceless being known only as ‘Your Dentist’, the epic quest to return tooth (and teeth) to gum begins. Won’t be easy, but I have a feeling your gums will thank you in the end.

Not sure if that’s the case with the game, as I never got that far. The early levels lulled me into a false sense of security, with but a few teeth to maneuver. They were simple and manageable. But by the time I was navigating hazardous terrain, trying to get upwards of five and six through it all, I’d reached my limit. Given its easy-to-understand rules, I’m sure other will boast about their victory over the game. Me, I’m content having sampled the sweets and making it as far as I did.

Dentist Candy Decay Saga

Throughout each level, your objective remains unchanged: reach the ‘exit’ (which I assume is indicated by a pair of gums), with your main obstacle being… sweets. See, if any tooth consumes three pieces of candy, it rots, resulting in a failure state. Or it would, if not for the undo feature, which allows you to retrace your steps, should a mistake occur. Its inclusion only lowers the challenge slightly though, and no one’s forcing you to use it. Also, picking up a toothbrush will allow the consumption of another delicious treat; something you’d do well to keep in mind for the later levels.

Those who feel like challenging themselves with some toothy brainteasers would do well to take Dentist Candy Decay Saga for a spin. Just remember to brush your teeth after snacking, or run the risk of encountering a sizeable dentist bill!